Setup an SAP system to play with SAPMini


Losing Your Grip

I've been installing this all night!


Setup SAP NetWeaver 7.0.

The Java and ABAP Trial Version on Linux.

VMware Edition.




OK, there are a few components you need.

1. WINRAR (WINZIP won’t combine the parts properly, since they were created with winrar)

2. VMWare player, if you have workstation or fusion that’s better.

3. Novell SUSE SAP Test Drive, you need a Novell account for this (its free).

4. SAP NetWeaver 7.0 – Java and ABAP Trial Version on Linux – VMware Edition, you need an account for this (its free).


 Alright, let’s get started.

5. Unzip the downloads using winrar.

Unzip part 1 and all the others will be unzipped for you.

6. Copy both unzipped folders into 1 folder.

The default folders will be:

SAP NetWeaver 70 – Java and ABAP VMware Trial

Copy the contents of both into 1 folder (this is the folder you will open in VMWare).

7. In VMWare open the following file to start the virtual machine


When prompted moved or copied, select copied.

8. Startup SAP

Login as username: root password: sap123

Go to control center and add the U.S. English keyboard and set as default. Computer/Control Center/Keyboards/Layouts

Start a Gnome terminal. Computer/Gnome Terminal

Change the user, at the terminal type: su – n4sadm

Start SAP, at the terminal type: startsap n4shost (to stop: stopsap n4shost)

9. Get the license key (has to be renewed every 90 days, small price to pay)

From the terminal in step 8 type: /usr/sap/N4S/SYS/exe/run/saplicense -get

Make note of the hardware key.

Go to

NOTE: under System ID, make sure you select: N4S – SAP NetWeaver 2004s (DB2). If you pick the wrong one, the license will not work.

10. Install the license key.

You will receive an email from SAP with N4S.txt attached. You need to copy this file to the virtual desktop. The easiest way is to create an empty text file on the desktop called N4S.txt and cut and paste the contents into it. You could also open your email from the VM and save the attachment (You’ll need to change the firefox proxy setting to none).

Logon to SAP using the client in the virtual machine (on the desktop). Logon to client 001 with username: SAP* password: sapn4sadm

Run trans code SLICENSE to install the license, basically click on “New licenses” and then “Install”, select the file you pasted the contents into on the desktop, called N4S.txt.

If the license works, you should be able to logon to client 001 as username: developer password: developer

11. Setup remote client

From your host’s SAP client, setup a connection with the following parameters.

Application Server: ivml2005 (or IP address)
Sysytem numver: 42
System ID: N4S

If you’re using a java client, in the Advanced tab type: conn=/H/ivml2005/S/3242

You should be able to logon to SAP (running on the virtual machine) from your host computer, or any other comupter on the network, since the network option on the VM is set to bridged (i.e., it gets its own IP address).

12. Setup the Flight Data Application.

Run transaction code BC_DATA_GEN (which runs program SAPBC_DATA_GENERATOR). This populates the Flight Data tables.

More infomation on the Flight Data Application

Flight Model

Setting Up the Flight Data Application

Testing the Flight Data Application


13. Activate the services for Web Dynpro ABAP.

Activate Web Dynpro services with transaction code SICF.

Web Dynpro for ABAP Configuration

Active Services in SICF

Also, see SAP Note 1088717 – Active services for Web Dynpro ABAP in transaction SICF

Basically you run transaction code SICF and click execute. Navigate the tree and activate (via right click) the services listed in the article above.

14. Hosts file changes for remote and host client.

For the Layout TAB for a Web Dynpro in SE80 to display, you will need to make the following entry in your windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

VM IP Address                       # to find the VM IP Address: ping ivml2005

NOTE: if SE80 asks you to logon to see the Web Dynpro layout, just use the account you logged in to SAP with, e.g., developer.


Now run SE80 and create a WebDynPro Object :)

Here is a good WebDynPro tutorial on sdn, Web Dynpro for ABAP: Tutorials for Beginners.

Have fun. if you can call it that (I’d rather be sailing)

Now its time for a Guinness, you deserve it.

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